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ThalesNano is a company dedicated to making dangerous and difficult chemistry safe, and easy to perform, while assisting advances in the scientific field of chemistry.

Our management team of chemists has been deeply committed to expanding the horizons of chemistry, with the goal of providing chemists with a dynamic new way of enabling them to perform new chemistry for tomorrow. The company was founded in 2002 and is located in Budapest, Hungary, but also has offices in the United Kingdom, and United States. The company is widely recognised for its expertise in transforming chemical processes to microscale continuous-flow operations, and developing manual, or robotic continuous microreactors for the chemical industry. Researchers can now perform a wide variety of reactions, and can easily scale them up, without the need for reoptimisation processes to reach the production scale.

We always seek to give chemists something new through real innovation. Our own R&D team of engineers work on every innovation with our chemistry team to guarantee that we only create solutions where flow chemistry can offer a real advantage.

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