The Sepacore® flash chromatography systems X10 and X50 address most requirements for the purification of organic compounds. Whether a crude synthesis mixture or a plant extract has to be purified, the system offers an optimal performance and scale-up capability.


  • High efficiency separations at a pressure up to 50 bar
  • Saves time by simultaneously monitoring four wavelengths
  • Multisignal monitoring for peak detection and fraction collection


  • Suitable for all flash purification requirements
  • Easy system expansion with a modular configuration
  • Wide choice of corresponding flash cartridges and glass columns
  • Detection over all UV-Vis range
  • Optional ELSD


  • Sample injection scalable from a few milligrams up to hundred grams
  • Elution flow rate up to 250 mL/min
  • Purification scale-up performance on large cartridges (up to 1600 g) or glass columns

Expert Advice

Which detector can be connected with the Sepacore® X50 system?

BUCHI detectors and any detector equipped with an analog output 0-1V can be connected with the Sepacore® X50 system.

Which accessory is required to connect the ELS Detector C-650 to the Sepacore® X50 system?

To connect the ELSD to the Sepacore®  X50 system you need the flow splitter kit. The flow splitter kit is designed to provide a small flow rate to the ELSD C-650 (< 5ml/min) and is compatible with an inlet flow rate up to 250 mL/min.

What is the maximum sample load that can be purified using an X50 system?

The biggest column which can be used is a BUCHI glass column 920 mm x 100 mm. Such a column can be packed with about 3700 g silica (40 – 63 µm). This means than the maximum sample load can be higher than 300 g (depending on type of sample).

What are the benefits of a 50 bar (725 psi) pumping system?


It allows running reversed phase separations even at high flow rates. The solvents used in reversed phase applications (such as water / MeOH) have a higher viscosity than the ones used for normal phase separations: in particular the mixtures of water and methanol have a viscosity twice as large as water alone. This is the reason why only a medium pressure pump can be used for high scale reversed phase purifications.

Such a medium pressure is also useful to work with smaller particle size columns: BUCHI Silica HP is 15μm instead of 40 - 63μm for other standard packing materials and the back pressure generated significantly grows when the particle size decreases: Back pressure = k / (particle size)2.

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