The KjelSampler K-376 or K-377 in combination with the KjelMaster K-375 meets upmost demands in high throughput Kjeldahl determination. The system provides a maximum degree of automation and flexibility. View more
Highest productivity in steam distillation


  • Unattended operation of 24 samples (K-376) or 48 samples (K-377)
  • Perfect process synchronisation of all steps from digestion to automated sampling
  • Fully automated by the KjelMaster K-375
  • Continuous batch workflow using two independent rack trays (K-377)


  • Smallest bench top system
  • “Express rack” privileges high priority samples
  • Automatic or manual operation at any time
  • All BUCHI sample tubes to be used (100 mL, 300 mL, 500 mL)

Convenient and safe

  • No sample tube cleaning
  • Reliable and clean processing with no glass transfer
  • No contact with chemicals due to automated handling of reagents
  • Smooth and safe sample rack loading at any time
  • Longest glass lifetime due to short exposure to chemicals
Expert Advice

What is the difference between the KjelSampler K-376 and K-377?

The K-376 accommodates up to 24 sample tubes (300 mL) whilst the K-377 has a maximum capacity of 48 tubes. Continuous rack loading, without interrupting the run, is only possible with the K-377.

Do both KjelSampler models work with BUCHI’s proven technique of applying steam over pressure for the sample transfer which avoids the mechanical movement of the sample tubes to the KjelMaster K-375?

Yes, due to the unique steam over pressure technique the sample tubes do not come into contact with sodium hydroxide, they are continuously purged with steam during the distillation process to increase their lifetime and to reduce manual cleaning to a minimum.

Can all BUCHI sample tubes (micro, 300 and 500 mL) be used with the two sampler models?

Yes, the micro and 300 mL sample tubes fit the 20 position rack used with all BUCHI block digesters. This rack can be processed in both sampler models (K-376/K-377). For the 500 mL tubes a specific 12 position rack must be used.

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