The SpeedExtractor is your best solution for fast Pressurized Solvent Extraction (PSE). Increase productivity by processing up to 6 samples in parallel. Streamline the workflow of your sample preparation thanks to ease of sample loading and ready-to-use extract collection.


Unrivaled throughput

  • 6 times faster than other PSE instruments thanks to parallel extraction concept
  • Extract up to 96 samples in an 8 hour shift
  • Accelerate the extraction process and facilitate final results within one working day
  • Reduce number of replicates due to identical extraction conditions for up to 6 samples

Ease of operation

  • Unique design of extraction cells allows for ease of sample loading and cell assembly
  • High level of automation saves time-consuming preparation and increases safety
  • Quick, fail-safe and reproducible operation due to assembly of only 4 sample cell parts
  • The automated sealing eliminates sources of error and guaranties safety standard

Low running costs

  • Complementary workflow and synergy with parallel evaporation and concentration
  • Collection vessels with appendix make extract transfer obsolete
  • Reduced solvent consumption and minimal need for consumables give lower running costs
  • Save energy and costs with ECO mode for automated heater control



Convenient and safe

Intelligent safety mechanisms ensure safe, unrestricted working even at high pressures and temperatures. Various automatic process checks simplify and safeguard operation. An ingenious IQ/OQ software package ensures the device functions correctly.
Solvent reservoir_6.jpg

Flushing made simple

During system cleaning the flushing solution can be fed directly to a waste vessel. The use of new collection bottles for the flushing solution is therefore unnecessary.

Extraction at the push of a button

At the push of a button an established extraction method can be applied simultaneously to up to 6 samples. Simply unbeatable ease of use.


When operated in the Eco mode, the heating is automatically switched off after extraction is completed to save energy and costs.

Expert Advice

Why does high pressure increase the extraction efficiency?

The combination of elevated temperature and pressure results in faster extraction compared to other extraction technologies. This is the result of an improved mass transfer because of higher analyte solubility and enhanced penetration. An increase from normal pressure pn to p2 is thereby necessary to keep the sample in the liquid state at T2.

What is the benefit of a parallel extraction/evaporation approach?

Concerted parallel extraction/parallel evaporation as opposed to a sequential  approach increases the sample throughput and reduces the time to analysis significantly. An incoming batch of six samples is ready for the analysis after 115 minutes.

What is so convenient about the SpeedExtractor’s sealing system?

BUCHI’s unique extraction cell design is absolutely fail-safe, reliable and yields reproducible results. A lift mechanism automatically closes the cells at the push of a button. Hence, covering the sample with a filter paper is sufficient to make the sample ready for extraction.

Isn't there any chance of cross-contamination for adjacent positions?

Each position has its own inlet and outlet valve as well as individual pressure sensors. Even in case of blockage of one position cross-contamination is excluded as an integrated troubleshooting wizard automatically relieves the pressure. All other positions can be finished while the faulty position is deactivated.

Is it possible to do the clean-up during extraction?

The unique extraction cell design of the SpeedExtractor allows for various sample loadings. It is also possible to insert  cleaning agents such as Florisil, silica gel, charcoal etc. for in-cell clean-up, or to apply different filling techniques. This significantly facilitates the classical clean-up procedures subsequent to extraction.

Is a method which has been optimized for ASE directly applicable to the SpeedExtractor?

Yes! Slight modifications in the STATIC time (i.e. HOLD for the SpeedExtractor) might be necessary (usually shorter for the SpeedExtractor).

I am familiar with classical Soxhlet extractions. To what extend is this knowledge applicable to pressurized solvent extraction?

Among the modern extraction technologies, PSE is the most comparable to Soxhlet. As a first attempt continue using the same solvent but elevate the temperature and pressure. Also, if you have successfully followed a particular sample pretreatment procedure for another extraction method, continue using this procedure.


Collection racks for SpeedExtractor E-914/E-916

The SpeedExtractor integrates different collection options with great flexibility depending on the application and following step after extraction. Although SpeedExtractor is delivered with a comprehensive starter kit the way of extract collection need to be considered separately guaranteeing a perfect fit to the subsequent step after extraction.

Septum exchange.jpg

Caps and septa

Reduce the risk of clogged needles or exhaust lines. The caps and septa optimally fit to the BUCHI collection vessels.

SpeedExtractor Record

SpeedExtractorRecord Software

Software package allows for managing and storage of methods, graphical visualization of the extraction process and documentation through an electronic logbook. A single PC license for installation under Windows 8.1

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