The V-100 is an economical and chemical-resistant vacuum pump with a space saving design. It covers essential needs in vacuum generation.



  • Effective vacuum source for limited budgets
  • Small footprint saves valuable laboratory space
  • Useable for multiple applications:
    • Evaporation
    • Drying and concentration
    • Suction straining and filtration


  • Light weight and compact design with integrated carrying handle
  • High up time due to low maintenance
  • Accurate vacuum regulation thanks to optional interface


  • Highly chemical resistant thanks to use of quality materials
  • Maximum longevity due to:
    • Robust and stable design
    • Integrated ECO2 mode

Expert Advice

Why are there some condensate droplets on the diaphragm?

If the distillation parameters are not chosen according to the "delta 20 rule" (10-30-50), the condensation is not complete and vapor is entering into the pump. Due to the high vacuum in the second stage, the vapor may condensate, leading to droplets. Thus, the pressure has to be increased or the cooling temperature of the condensation assembly decreased.

What is the advantage of the secondary condenser compared to an in-line condenser between pump and distillation unit?

If the solvent is expanded first to ambient pressure, the vapor pressure is increased and thus a condensation much more efficient. This is the reason why the secondary condenser is at the pressure side of the pump. Due to the chemical resistance of the diaphragm pump, even aggressive gases and vapors do not harm the pump.

What can I do if the pump does not reach the final vacuum?

Remove the hose from the pump inlet. Let the pump run and suck some ethanol into the pump. You see the ethanol now in both pump heads through the glass heads. Switch off the pump and let it solve the solid parts that could be in the pump head. Start the pump again and suck it to dryness. Connect again the hose inlet and check the final vacuum (<10mbar directly connected to a vacuum controller).

Is the final vacuum affected by the new ECO²-Mode?

No, the final vacuum is not affected by the ECO²-Mode. The ECO²-Mode only reduces the speed of the pump which reduces the capacity after 1h to 1.4 m3/h and after 2h to 1 m3/h.

How can I reset the ECO²-Mode?

The ECO²-Mode can be reset by simply switching the pump off and on again.

Can I switch off the ECO²-Mode?

No, the ECO²-Mode cannot be switched off. However it is not active if the pump is used together with a BUCHI Vacuum Controller. In case that the Vacuum Pump V-700 is utilized as a central lab source pump, we strongly recommend the combination with the LabVac Vacuum Controller V-802 to guaranty maximum evacuation performance all the time.

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