The Syncore® Analyst offers efficient, gentle, and environmentally friendly parallel concentration. With its clever design cross-contamination can be inhibited and recoveries are maximized. Profit from the wide range of complementary products to tailor your sample workup to your needs. View more
Economical high quality concentration


  • Improve your sample throughput by concentrating up to 12 samples to a residual volume
  • No need of nitrogen saves operational cost
  • Small foot print saves expensive lab space
  • Optimize your process by combining the solid phase extraction and the concentration

High quality results

  • Eliminate the risk of cross contamination due to a clever design
  • Integrated solid phase extraction (SPE) eliminates contamination risks
  • High recovery rates due to smooth sample processing (up to 100 % solvent recovery)

Time savings

  • Save time by using the fast and proven parallel Vortex evaporation technology
  • Increase productivity by fast concentration of up to 12 samples in parallel
  • Concentrate to a predefined residual volume allows a unattended workup
Expert Advice

Can I concentrate multiple samples to predefined residual volumes?

Analyst tube
Yes, it is possible to concentrate multiple samples to a residual volume. The Syncore® Analyst is a parallel work-up product, using three interchangeable racks, to concentrate up to 12 samples down to a pre-defined residual volume, ranging from 0.3 mL, 1mL to 3 mL per sample. The residual volume is collected in a water-cooled appendix at the bottom of the sample vessel. This unique design allows evaporation of heat-sensitive compounds under mild conditions. All relevant parts of the Syncore® Analyst are chemically resistant and free of contaminants.

Is it possible to achieve high recovery rates?

Flushback module
Yes, high recovery rate can be achieved. In most analytical applications high recovery rates are essential for reliable investigations. The Flushback module for the rack R-6 and R-12 even improves the recovery rate significantly by preventing valuable sample adhering to the glass walls during the evaporation process. In addition, the evaporation process is completely observable due to the innovative crystal rack.  

Can I use TFA with the Syncore®?

Yes, all relevant parts are chemically inert for a broad range of reagents.

Can I use the inert gas cover directly for evaporation?

Yes, however, for compounds which are high sensitivity against oxygen, water or other environmental factors it is recommended to evaporate the samples directly.

What is the advantage of an integrated SPE extraction?

Integrated SPE extraction
Conventional solid phase extraction, an essential step in many analytical procedures, includes a number of laborious steps. With the help of the modified parallel evaporator, Syncore® Analyst, all essential work-up steps including evaporation of the elutes are achieved without any sample handling between the individual steps. The key feature is a three-way stopcock which allows separating the liquid passed through a SPE cartridge into either a waste vessel or a collecting vessel. The eluate of the collecting vessel is then evaporated to dryness or a pre-defined residual volume without any sample handling between the SPE work-up stage and evaporation stage.

How much solvent can be recovered and recycled with the Syncore® Analyst?

Solvent recovery is pivotal to comply with environmental regulations. For example, solvent emissions to the lab and the environment have to be avoided. With the Syncore® Analyst up to 99 % of the solvent is recovered. For many processes the recovered solvent can be reused.

Is it possible to run the evaporation process with the Syncore® in an automated mode?

The evaporation process can easily be automated by connecting the Syncore® with a condenser to the Vacuum Pump V-700 equipped with the Vacuum Controller V-855. The integrated solvent library of the Vacuum Controller V-855 as well as the possibility of a gradient mode assist in the daily work and helps to run smooth and safe evaporation processes.

Why is the working volume smaller than the sample vessel volume?

Due to the orbital movement of the Syncore® Analyst the maximum working volume is half of the sample vessel volume.

What about cross-contamination?

Cross-Contamination is avoided by directing the vapors of each vessel through the vacuum cover to the vacuum hose. In addition, the vacuum cover is heated in order to prevent sample condensation.

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