The Syncore® Polyvap allows fast evaporation of up to 96 samples in parallel. Save time and increase your efficiency by evaporating multiple samples with volumes from 0.5 to 500 mL. View more
Maximize multiple sample workup efficiency


  • Highest sample throughput of up to 96 samples due to the speedy “Vacuum Vortex parallel evaporation technology”
  • Collect your flash Chromatography fractions directly
  • Integrable solid phase extraction (SPE) saves time and reduces contamination risk


  • Lowest emissions by close to 100 % solvent recovery
  • Prevent boiling retardation during evaporation due to the variable orbital shaking
  • Save money and reduce emissions by no need of nitrogen
  • No cross-contamination due to the vacuum cover


  • Interchangeable racks to evaporate samples from 0.5 to 500 mL
  • Optimal adjusted vacuum gradients guarantees maximum flexibility and working speed
  • Evaporate even high-boiling solvents thanks to the heated cover and the high boiling kit
Expert Advice

What reagents can be used with the Syncore®?

All relevant parts are chemically resistant for a broad range of solvents and acids. The lifetime of the cover is significantly extended if the cover is washed with ethanol or acetone right after using. For more details concerning resistance of the material and reagents please check the appendix in the Operation Manual Syncore® Accessories.

Is it possible to run the evaporation process with the Syncore® in an automated mode?

The evaporation process can easily be automated by connecting the Syncore® with a condenser to the Vacuum Pump V-700 equipped with the Vacuum Controller V-855. The integrated solvent library of the Vacuum Controller V-855 as well as the possibility of a gradient mode assist in the daily work and helps to run smooth and safe evaporation processes.

Can I evaporate DMF and DMSO with the Syncore®?

Yes, with the appropriate vacuum settings. For better efficiency an insulation kit is available for the Syncore® racks with 24 and 96 positions. For best results, it is recommended to use the insulation kit and the Vacuum Pump V-700 in combination with the Vacuum Controller V-855.

Can I use TFA with the Syncore®?

Yes, all relevant parts are chemically inert for a broad range of reagents.

Can I use the inert gas cover directly for evaporation?

Yes, however, for compounds which are high sensitivity against oxygen, water or other environmental factors it is recommended to evaporate the samples directly.

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