The Hydrolysis Units E-416 and B-411 ensure safe and fast acid hydrolysis of up to 6 samples simultaneously. Assure conformity with official regulations for the declaration of the total fat content.



  • Compliant with official regulations (e.g. AOAC, ISO, DIN)
  • Reproducible thanks to standardized and exhaustive procedures


  • Convenient transfer of the hydrolysate without getting in contact with the sample
  • Effective sealing avoids harmful emissions


  • Fast and effective heat transfer to samples by means of IR radiation
  • Simultaneous hydrolysis, filtration and rinsing of up to 6 samples
  • Sample tube designed to use directly with E-816 or B-811



Clear-cut advantages

Simultaneous hydrolysis of 4 or 6 samples / Quick and efficient filtration / User-friendly operation / No odor nuisance / Compliance with AOAC and LMBG § 35 (G)

Different areas of use

Take advantage of an easy filtration and rinsing process handling four respectively six samples at the same time. The BUCHI Hydrolysis Units, E-416 or B-411, make an important contribution to efficient fat determination, for example in food and animal feed. It is used in quality control laboratories as well as in process monitoring.
Expert Advice

Why is hydrolysis important for exhaustive fat extractions?

In many matrices fat is naturally encased or chemically bound. Therefore, hydrolysis is required to transform lipids into extractable forms. Hydrochloric acid disrupts cells walls, hydrolyses proteins / polysaccharides, and breaks lipid-carbohydrate bonds.

Water Jet Pump_ws.jpg

Water jet pump for E-416 / B-411

The suction tube in the hydrolysis unit can be connected to a water jet pump. The fumes from the hydrolysis and the wash water from filtering the sample are extracted with the pump.


Set of glass sample tubes

The glass sample tubes are equipped with a glass frit. The frit allows the solvent to pass through the sample while extracting the target compounds from the sample. The glass sample tubes are designed to be used directly in the extraction units following the hydrolysis eliminating sample transfer.

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