Regardless if you need an equipment for distillation, sublimation, freeze-drying or drying of small samples – the Glass Oven B-585 Kugelrohr offers it all.



  • Manifold capabilities: Sublimation, freeze-drying, distillation or drying
  • Ideal for small sample sizes
  • Adjustable to your needs with a broad range of accessories and options

Efficient and gentle

  • Fast and energy efficient heating
  • Space savings due to its unique and compact design
  • High yield by gentle sample treatment
  • Avoids cross contamination

Ease of use

  • Easy and intuitive by simple operation
  • Visual monitoring of sample chamber

Expert Advice

Is it possible to change the B-585 Drying into a B-585 Kugelrohr?

Yes, but it's necessary to order additional parts and glassware.

What is the lowest possible vacuum with the B-585 products?

The B-585 Drying can operate with a vacuum of up to 10-2 mbar and the B-585 Kugelrohr by up to 10 mbar.

P: 1300 552 003