Perform fat determination on two or six food and feed samples simultaneously at the push of a button. The E-812 / E-816 HE (Hot Extraction) is used for fast routine fat analysis.


Save time and money

  • Run 6 samples simultaneously by just pushing one button
  • Reduced solvent consumption and lower running costs
  • High speed heating with ceramic plates and individual heating zones
  • Achieve the best reproducibility thanks to time AND cycle control

Easy to use

  • Quick method selection of the entire process including rinsing and drying
  • Intelligent heating power selection by using the solvent library
  • Unattended operation due to cycle and/or time monitoring

Safe and compliant

  • Minimized solvent emissions thanks to z-seal-system and high performance condenser
  • Optimal recycling as a result of a cooled solvent tank (recovery > 90 %)
  • No risk of burns by effective shielding and heating control
  • The SOX configuration is a fully compliant real Soxhlet apparatus



Automated hot extraction according to Randall or Goldfisch

Official method for many extractions, e.g. crude fat determination, a hydrolysis step prior to extraction may not always be necessary.

Clever menu navigation and solvent library

Easy to understand from the beginning. Choose your solvent and respective settings are loaded. No time-consuming application work necessary.
E 812 Tank_ws_2.jpg

Best solvent recovery rates

Insulated tank with condenser, no unpleasant odor even with petroleum ether.

E 816 Heating plate 2.jpg

High speed heating

Ceramic surface with integrated individual heating zones. Every heating plate reaches boiling point within five minutes.

Expert Advice

Is it possible to install the unit outside of a fume hood?

Yes, only when working with D-Ether (volatility) or chloroform (toxicity), working in the fume hood is necessary.

When is it recommended to work with a recirculating chiller?

When you use a solvent like petroleum ether, a recirculating chiller should be implemented if the tap water is warmer than 15 °C. The temperature difference between the boiling point of the solvent and the cooling water temperature should be 20 - 25 °C in order to achieve a good condensation of the solvent in the condenser and to keep a good solvent recovery.

Can I re-use solvent from the tank?

Yes, all material is resistant, solvent is drained directly from the condenser.

Where do you fill the solvent?

It is an advantage to fill it by the condensers (first cycle is quicker).

How many custom defined methods can be stored?


What are the reasons to adjust the heating plate / user panel?

Boiling behavior is depending on sea level, ambient temperature and different solvent compositions (petroleum ether 40-60).

What are the main advantages of the HE unit?

  • The E-812/ E-816 HE run an automated hot extraction according to Randall or Goldfisch.
  • Efficient extraction to determine crude fat.
  • Much faster than Soxhlet extraction (40 min instead of 120 min).



Set of glass beakers

The beakers are specially designed for the BUCHI extraction units. The bottom of the beaker is perfectly plane, which gives excellent heat transfer. The lip of the beaker is manually polished to ensure the best tightness of the system.

Recirculating Chiller F-305 / F-308 / F-314

Recirculating chiller for E-812 / E-816 SOX or HE

The temperature difference between the boiling point of the solvent and the cooling water temperature should be 20-25°C in order to achieve good condensation of the solvent in the condenser and to achieve a good solvent recovery throughout the extraction.

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