Get the most out of your flash applications by choosing the Reveleris® or the GraceResolv™ flash cartridges, developed for optimum chromatographic performance.


High performance

  • High resolution of separation due to high quality silica
  • Increased fraction purity due to a better separation
  • Faster evaporation of smaller fraction volumes

Lower purification costs

  • Increased sample throughput due to high sample loading capacity
  • Solvent saving: required purification yield is achieved faster
  • Optimal usage of the Reveleris® cartridges: the RFID tag tracks cartridge usage and history


  • Choice of hardware formats for compatibility with all leading flash systems
  • Reproducible performance from batch to batch


Reveleris® Flash Cartriges Characteristics

  • Superior Resolution with ultrapure 40 μm silica
  • Standard and High Performance cartridges available
  • Silica and multiple bonded phases available
  • Standard or wide pore silica available
  • Compatible with all REVELERIS® purification systems

Enhanced Purification Benefits

Plug & Play
Automatic cartridge identification populates the system for size and phase of cartridge in use

Result reliability
Serial tracking of cartridges allows for tracking of cartridge use

Simplifying Purification
Specifically for compounds like carbohydrates and lipids, the patented RevealX™ detection technology allows maximum purity with minimal effort in a single system

Faster Runs
Optimize purification with the Navigator™software

GraceResolv™ Flash Cartridges Characteristics

  • Choice of Luer Slip or Lock Outlet Connection
  • Increased Loading Capacity
  • Reproducible Performance
  • Universal Luer Fittings
  • Higher Resolution

GraceResolv™ cartridges are packed with a grade of Davisil® silica designed to help maximize performance of today’s purification instruments. A smaller particle size increases resolution, and higher particle size distribution and minimal fines help keep backpressures low.

GraceResolv™ LOK cartridges include a luer lock outlet and offer the same great performance benefits of the GraceResolv™ cartridges. GraceResolv™ LOK cartridges can be used with instruments requiring both luer lock inlet and outlet connections. The cartridges are supplied with an adapter that allows connection to systems using a luer slip outlet for maximum flexibility.

P: 1300 552 003