Speed up your sample evaporation for multiple samples. With its ease of use, the Multivapor™ is tailored to maximize efficiency. View more
Efficient evaporation for multiple samples


  • Increase your efficiency by processing up to 12 samples in parallel
  • Increase sample throughput with a fraction collector directly using the Multivapor™
  • Efficient in use for many different solvent volumes and sample sizes

Easy handling

  • Intuitive operation with easily adjustable and reproducible parameter settings
  • Full visibility of the samples during the evaporation process
  • Easy sample handling with the sample transfer rack

High process integration

  • Optimized sample transfer from BUCHI SpeedExtractor by using the same vessels
  • Use your existing individual glassware with a variety of offered adapters
  • Adaptable to your needs by flexible rack replacement (6 or 12 samples)
Expert Advice

Is it possible to run the evaporation process with the Multivapor™ in an automated mode?

The evaporation process can easily be automated by connecting the MultivaporTM with a condenser to the Vacuum Pump V-700 equipped with the Vacuum Controller V-855. The integrated solvent library of the Vacuum Controller V-855 as well as the possibility of a gradient mode assist in the daily work and helps to run smooth and safe evaporation processes.

Can any sample vessel be used with the Multivapor™?

Yes, the versatile sealing system with a series of adapters covers a broad range of common glassware.

Can the Multivapor™ connected to the condenser of a rotary evaporator?

By using the “Rotavapor connection set” the MultivaporTM is easily connected with any condenser assembly having the standard spherical joint 35/20. This connection set allows integration of the MultivaporTM into an existing evaporation system.

Which O-ring material is suitable for my application?

For most applications it is appropriate to use the standard EPDM O-rings. However chlorinated and apolar solvents require O-rings made of FKM (Viton®). Please have a look at the “Chemical resistance table” in the Multivapor™ Application Guide.  

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