Reduce laboratory floods and save water with Radleys Findenser Air Condenser, our waterless condenser. Find out how & why your chemistry can benefit with Radleys

Findenser saves water and prevents laboratory flooding

Replaces water-cooled condensers in over 95% of common chemistry applications

Findenser Benefits

  • No risk of water leaks and flooding from running water
  • Eliminate the cost of water purchase and disposal
  • For solvent volumes from 5ml up to 1 litre
  • Helps meet sustainable water reduction targets

How does Findenser work?

  • Findenser comprises of an internal glass condenser and an external, finned aluminium jacket, between which a small amount of water is permanently sealed.
  • The glass condenser design has a greater internal surface area than traditional air condensers, increasing heat transfer capacity.
  • The finned jacket fits around the glass condenser, further increasing the external
    surface area.
  • The result is a ‘SUPER air condenser’

How much water are you wasting?

Water is a precious resource. It makes little economic or environmental sense to waste thousands of litres just to cool a single condenser. Whereas Findenser requires no running water to operate.

How much is water costing your lab?


    1 tap running at 2.5 litres per minute

    The cost running a water condenser

    4 hours

    8 hours

    24 hours

    Water consumption per day litres




    Cost per Day




    Cost per Month, 20 working days




    Cost per Year




    Based on a flow of 2.5 litres per minute, at a cost of 0.16p per litre of supply and disposal of water. Price from Veolia Water 2012 commercial pricing.

      Findenser return on investment

      Compared with a single water condenser, running for just 4 hours a day, Findenser will give you a return on your investment in less than one year.

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