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The IVT Industrial Science product portfolio represents the highest quality laboratory equipment and consumables from around the world. Our product range represents leading manufacturers in the fields of Research Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, NIR, Temperature Control, Microbiology, Food and Beverage, and Pharmaceuticals.

Our combination of support mechanisms, customer service, technical service, territory managers, product managers, and sales managers ensure that we provide professional support to the quality brands that we represent such as Buchi, Radleys, Carbolite, Memmert, Sotax and Steelco.

Our Mission Statement

IVT Industrial Science are committed to delivering premium products, application support, and technical support. We do this by understanding the customer’s requirements. 

Our Offering

IVT Industrial Science have a team of Territory Managers and Product Managers with science backgrounds. We use our in depth knowledge of applications, and our products, to deliver solutions beyond customer expectations. 

Industrial Science Team

Siva Moodley

Product Manager

Siva has extensive experience and knowledge in the chemistry and industrial sciences space and he’ll love to help you find suitable solutions for your applications. Siva looks after our product ranges from Buchi, Memmert, Radleys, Carbolite, and Ohaus.


Josh Duthie

Equipment and Application Specialist - VIC

Josh has a background in chemistry, loves a good pun and is always a busy bee assisting our customers with their enquiries. If you’re in VIC, Josh would be happy to help.


Seth Bremner

Equipment and Application Specialist - NSW & ACT

Seth is knowledgeable, detailed in his work and has wide-ranging experiences in the chemistry and industrial sciences. If you’re in NSW, Seth would definitely be able to assist you.


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