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Fastest extraction with flexible applications

BUCHI offers dedicated extraction solutions for the classical determination of fat, as well as for residue and contaminant analysis in various matrices. We cover the whole range of automated extraction methods.

powerful and fast extraction 0

Powerful and fast extraction

The fully automated extraction systems ensure unattended operation saving labour time and costs. The design of the glass assemblies and the high-speed heaters combined with sophisticated process control allow for the fastest and most reproducible extraction processes with full compliance. Full visibility of the processes including pre-set methods, comprehensive solvent library and intuitive navigation facilitate your every-day work.

maximized safety

Maximized safety for you and your analytes

Complete tightness for minimal solvent exposure and high solvent recovery rates (> 90 %) ensure safe and environmental friendly extractions. Permanent monitoring of heaters, cooling water and solvent levels enables perfect user protection and smooth processes. The patent pending analyte protection sensor prevents the deterioration of heat sensitive analytes.

application flexibility 0

Applicational flexibility

Adapt your FatExtractor E-500 to changing needs with the interchangeable glass assembly SOX-HE-ECE and execute extractions according to Soxhlet, Randall or Twisselmann. The all-in-one universal extraction chamber of the UniversalExtractor E-800 supports up to five different extraction methods, freely selectable by the extraction position. Maximized flexibility and simultaneous processing of up to six samples result in unprecedent sample throughput.

E500 SOX

FatExtractor E-500

The FatExtractor E-500 is designed for quick and compliant fat extraction.

  • Application: Total fat and crude fat in food and feed sample
  • Extraction methods: Soxhlet, Hot extraction and Twisselmann
  • Fully automated system extracting six samples in parallel
  • Solvents: Petroleum ether, Hexane, Diethyl ether and Chloroform

E500 SOX 2

HydrolEx H-506

The HydrolEx H-506 ensures convenient and safe acid hydrolysis for compliant total fat determination.

  • Application: Acid hydrolysis as preparation for total fat determination.
  • Safe and smooth process of six samples in parallel.
  • Ideal complement to FatExtractor E-500.
  • Solvents: Hydrochloric acid

e800 Universal

UniversalExtractor E-800

The UniversalExtractor E-800 is perfectly suited to any demanding extraction task.

  • Application: Sample preparation for contaminant and residue analysis, research and development of materials, medicinal plants, textiles.
  • Extraction methods: Soxhlet, Soxhlet warm, Hot extraction, Twisselmann and Continous flow
  • Fully automated system extracting six samples in parallel with different extraction methods.
  • Solvents: Organic solvents and water

Product Configurator

Compose your extraction system with the BUCHI configurator according to your specific needs. Simply choose from various options and receive your order code including a picture of your specific configuration. More information about our configurator: 

Product Configurator

FatExtractor E-500

E500 SOX low

true sohhlet

True Soxhlet

  • Soxhlet extraction is exhaustive and rugged but is still the mostly used and regulatorily demanded method for many sample matrices 
  • Analytical risks or time-consuming validation of other extraction methods deviating from the standard do not exist
  • Used as reference method for NIR calibrations

soxhlet extraction made faster

Soxhlet extraction made faster

  • Reduced cycle times are the result using of high-end components such as optical sensor, powerful heating and optimized glass assembly 
  • Automated Soxhlet process reaches an unmatched speed compared to traditional glassware assemblies
  • Reduced time-to-result and unprecedent sample throughput per day 

sox he ece 0

Interchange between glass assemblies (SOX-HE-ECE)

  • Easy change of glass assembly that is compliant with Soxhlet, Randall (HE) and Twisselmann (ECE)
  • No limitation to one extraction method, but adaptable to needs and changing demands
  • Profit from unrivalled quick extraction times and lowest solvent consumption of HE

HydrolEx H-506

E500 SOX 2 low

compliant acid hydrolysis

Compliant acid hydrolysis for total fat determination

  • Acid hydrolysis prior to extraction is an essential work step of the total fat determination where matrix structures enclosing the fat fraction of food and feed samples are broken up
  • Assures conformity with official regulations for the declaration of total fat content
  • The standardized and exhaustive procedure guarantees reproducible results
  • Supports large sample volumes of up to 10 gram samples for accurate results, independent of fat content or homogeneity

PB 11595598 Extraction Solutions en

Safe handling

  • Effective and long-lasting FKM sealings avoid exposure to harmful fumes
  • Convenient transfer of the hydrolysate without getting in contact with the sample 

easy to use


  • The lift device supports smooth movement of the sample rack
  • Efficient rinsing with dedicated rinsing caps
  • Fast and convenient filtration for complete sample transfer and high recoveries
  • Convenient transfer of the hydrolysed sample into the Soxhlet extraction chamber with reusable glass sample tubes

UniversalExtractor E-800

e800 Universal low



  • Six distinct extraction positions enable individual process control and simultaneous operation of different extraction methods
  • Multiple work packages can be executed in parallel 
  • Faster method development and higher sample throughput 

analyte protection sensor

Analyte protection sensor

  • Patent pending analyte protection always guarantees that only a minimum level of solvent in the beaker can be found, which results in best analyte recoveries  
  • Prevents the deterioration and degradation of heat sensitive analytes during all process steps
  • Ensures safe and reproducible concentration of the extract

fully inert conditions

Flexible applications

  • Profit from five different extraction methods in one universal glass assembly. Choose the optimal extraction method to achieve best recoveries and low result variation 
  • For low contaminated samples, the Large Sample Volume (LSV) glass assembly can expand the sample volume used to the extraction by 60 %
  • Fast and equal heating, even for high boiling solvents such as water or toluene 


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