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BUCHI Evaporation - Concentration Prep w/ Syncore Analyst

Most environmental laboratories rely on a range of products supplied by In Vitro Technologies. Close technical and analytical collaboration with our customers ensures safe, cost effective and efficient use of our product range. The Syncore Analyst is a system that is used nationally to concentrate environmental samples down to a residual volume for Pesticide analysis. The process workflow is carefully optimised by our applications specialists thus ensuring the shortest concentration time with maximum analyst recovery subject to the sample matrix. Contact our experts to discuss cost savings for solvent usage with minimal waste, making a contribution to saving our environment. 

Moving Wall Oven for coke and coal testing

In Vitro Technologies partnered with a major environmental consulting company to project manage, deliverconstruct, and commission Moving Wall Oven for coke and coal testing in Queensland. This significant project involved months of project meetings, delivery of the furnace in a 20ft shipping container, then construction in situ with our team of technical service engineers. This project was delivered on time, and on budget for the customer.

Extraction of cannabinoids from Hemp

In Vitro Technologies worked closely with an academic customer on the extraction process of cannabinoids from hemp. After a thorough understanding of the process, In Vitro’s specialist applications team suggested the Speed Extractor. This was able to reduce extraction time for multiple extractions run simultaneously. This created an efficient process that shaved significant time from the project timetable, and delivered budget savings for the academics.

Some of our proud customers

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