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  • Xtend™ Dissolution Line

The ability to flexibly respond to permanent change in today’s fast-paced pharmaceutical environment can make the difference between success and failure. Fast time-to-market requirements, outsourcing, relocations, shift of manufacturing capacities and short return on investment considerations ask for equally flexible testing solutions in R&D and QC laboratories. The fully scalable and modular Xtend™ concept is 100% based on this basic premise and allows you to tailor dissolution testing to both your current and future needs – making your investment future-proof.


Standardized Xtend™ modules such as the dissolution bath, pump, filter station, and sample manager can be flexibly combined for different automation requirements – from manual to semi- and fully automated dissolution systems. Irrespective of the configuration, all modules and components of the Xtend™ Dissolution Line are extremely robust having been designed for the most demanding conditions of a fully automated system running 24 hours per day.


The Xtend™ Dissolution Line simplifies method transfer – making scale-up from R&D to QC with different throughput requirements and changing workloads easier than ever. From qualification to writing SOP’s: keep in place what is already used, described and validated.


Secure your investment today and flexibly manage tomorrow’s demands. With a proven track record of thousands of systems installed world-wide and more than 40 years of experience in dissolution testing, the Xtend™ Dissolution Line is a safe investment. All system modules incorporate the very latest technology for maximum efficiency and provide for highly reliable dissolution testing based on precision-made high quality components.

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