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DT 2 Tablet Disintegration Tester


  • Two basket-rack assemblies
  • Automatically lowers the baskets at test start and raises the baskets at test end
  • Programmable operating conditions
  • Report with test results, statistics and temperature protocol

Flexible Use of Basket Assemblies

Equipped with an accurate and play-free travel hoist mechanism, the DT 2 is a very user-friendly disintegration tester. Each of the two basket-rack assemblies can be controlled, started and stopped individually. The baskets feature an automated lift-in and lift-out at beginning/end of the run-time or when a pH change occurs.

SOT90002 2Special USP disk for capsules allows testing of gelatin capsules and baskets to test large capsules and tablets according to the pharmacopoeia requirements make the DT 2 even more flexible.

The integrated powerful water circulation system guarantees precise temperature of the test medium. The temperature can be set between 20–45°C. The movable PT 100 temperature probe accurately monitors the temperature in the beaker or in the bath during the test run. The actual temperature is shown on the display.

Disintegration Tester Control

SOT90002 3The program allows the user to take individual disintegration times of both basket-rack assemblies. Test results, statistics and temperature protocol are all included in the printout of the test method report. Up to 10 individual methods can be stored and used at any time. The setting and the calibration of the temperature are also controlled by the program menu.



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