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Buchi FlashPure Scout

Buchi has released a new digital tool that will give you the best cartridge selection based on Purification application requirement.


BUCHI launches the first lab freeze dryer for continuous sublimation

BUCHI Labortechnik AG, the market leader in laboratory evaporation, introduces the modular LyovaporTM platform for freeze drying. With Infinite-TechnologyTM, the LyovaporTM L-300 offers continuous sublimation for the first time.  Infinite-ControlTM allows entire process control of all relevant parameters, also via mobile devices.


Carbolite Gero: New CRI / CSR Video

Knowing the specific composition of coke is important to predict its behaviour in a blast furnace. Watch the new Coke Reactivity Furnace [CRI] and Coke Strength after Reduction [CSR] video below.


One Reaction Station with limitless possibilities

We are incredibly excited to finally share with you the results of years of hard work: Mya 4 – a super flexible reaction station for chemists working in discovery all the way to process labs.


Tune your Industrial Evaporation

60 years ago we introduced the first commercial rotary evaporator. Since then we continuously developed the Rotavapor® to the smartest and most integrated system.


Buchi Rotovap Champion

A big shout out to Josh Duthie from the In Vitro Industrial Science Team, who has just won for 3rd place in the Buchi Asia Pacific sales competition for rotavaps!

Josh was awarded his prize, a GOLD BAR from Stef Stefanakos from Buchi Australia


How Safe is you Lab?

Earlier this month, a student at the University of Bristol’s chemistry department is reported to have accidentally made the explosive substance acetone peroxide (TATP), as a by-product of an experiment.

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