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In this video Will Wilson, Radleys Product Manager, gives an introduction to our Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station. The patented Carousel simultaneously heats, magnetically stirs and refluxes up to 12 samples under an inert atmosphere using a single hotplate.

We go through the four components that make up the Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station: the glassware, the reflux head, the carousel base and the hotplate. We discuss the hotplate’s digital interface, locking system and compatibility with an external Pt1000 temperature probe. The reflux head enables water to flow evenly to each position replacing the need for standard reflux condensers. The aluminium heated base provides excelled heat transfer and provides energy savings.

The Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station is used routinely for both parallel synthesis and for rapid reaction development and optimisation. The Carousel 12 is an efficient, space-saving way to perform chemical synthesis. Reduce time and save space in your chemistry laboratory by performing up to 12 chemical reactions in parallel on a single magnetic stirring hotplate. A great addition to your chemistry lab equipment and ideal for the following organic and inorganic chemistry applications: medicinal chemistry, reaction screening, combinatorial chemistry, catalyst screening, drug discovery, parallel solution phase chemistry, solid supported reagent-based synthesis and much more.

Some benefits of the Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station:
• Accepts up to 12 tubes with a reaction volume from 1 to 20 mL
• Powerful, even stirring utilising the secondary magnetic field
• Rapid heating to 180 ˚C and cooling to -78 ˚C using the cooling reservoir
• Quick to set-up and easy to use
• Easy viewing of tube contents during experiments
• Water-cooled reflux head
• Inert all 12 positions with a single inert gas connection
• Fluoropolymer coating for chemical resistance and easy cleaning
• Easy-On PTFE caps feature a quick-thread for a gas-tight seal to the flasks
• Removable reflux head allows reaction tubes to be transferred between heated base, cooled base and stand The Cooled Carousel 12 Plus reservoir is designed to accept the removable reflux head from the Carousel 12 Plus, allowing reaction tubes to be easily and rapidly cooled down to -78 °C whilst maintaining stirring. Visit: