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Save Water and Prevent Flooding with Radleys Findenser Super Air Condenser

Water is a precious resource. It makes little environmental or economic sense to waste thousands of litres just to cool a single condenser.

Radleys Findenser is a super air condenser that requires no running water to operate and can replace water-cooled condensers in over 95% of common chemistry applications. The Findenser minimises the risk of flooding in the laboratory and eliminates water purchase and disposal costs.

In 2014, California was in the midst of an unprecedented drought prompting the University of California San Diego (UCSD) to implement a campus-wide initiative to reduce energy and water consumption. Professor Seth Cohen of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry believed that the Findenser was “the perfect product for drought-stricken California” and asked his team to evaluate its water-saving and performance benefits. The team conducted a series of laboratory trials that led to the University investing in a significant quantity of Findensers for laboratories throughout the department.

sethcohenSenior lab staff found that the Findensers saved water and functioned well. Michael Denny from the Cohen Lab said “Findensers have almost entirely replaced standard water condensers in our work.”

The risk of laboratory flooding has also been minimized, resulting in significant cost savings. Stephen George, the Department Safety Officer, stated that UCSD Pacific Hall Chemistry Department have paid about $5 million in repair costs over the past few years due to flooding. 

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