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“We live in a time where CBRN terrorism is a real threat, and incidents such as the Birling Gap gas cloud and Japan’s Fukushima nuclear crisis illustrate how CBRN incidents can and do occur as a result of human error or a natural disaster.” – Professor Paul Thomas.

The emergency services need to have the best possible information when a CBRN incident occurs, in the quickest time possible, without having to put further lives at risk. G.A.S. Dortmund, partnering with scientists from the Loughborough University, have been involved in the multi-million TOXI-Triage project that has been funded by the European Commission to develop means of quickly testing possible victims. The tests include breath and saliva analysis and drones that can measure toxic fumes or radiation in the air and the BreathSpec was successfully tested during a 2-week exercise of the TOXI-Triage project on the military base of the Greek army in Athens


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