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BUCHI Labortechnik AG, the market leader in laboratory evaporation, introduces the modular LyovaporTM platform for freeze drying. With Infinite-TechnologyTM, the LyovaporTM L-300 offers continuous sublimation for the first time.  Infinite-ControlTM allows entire process control of all relevant parameters, also via mobile devices.

With the launch of the LyovaporTM L-300 and L-200, BUCHI offers a new platform for freeze drying. While the L-200 is designed for quantities up to 6 kg (-55°C), the LyovaporTM L-300 is the first freeze dryer for unlimited capacity (-105°C). It also provides a new level of convenience thanks to Infinite-ControlTM and Infinite-TechnologyTM. Both platforms, L-300 and L-200, are individually configurable and adaptable to changing requirements at any time. 

Full control of all process parameters with Infinite-ControlTM

LyovaporTM L-300 and L-200 come with Infinite-ControlTM. It informs about condenser-, all shelf- and product-temperatures as well as chamber pressure. “With Infinite-ControlTM the customer has full control of all relevant process parameters anytime anywhere”, says Philipp John, Product Group Manager at BUCHI. Customers can operate the LyovaporTM directly at the instrument as well as from the workstation. At the same time, monitoring of all process parameters is feasible from any mobile device.

The software of Infinite-ControlTM offers data recording, customized reporting, quick design of methods and real-time schematics and diagrams. In addition, the Pro version allows a sample protective state and end-point detection. 

Endless capacity thanks to Infinite-TechnologyTM

The LyovaporTM L-300 is the first laboratory Freeze Dryer with continuous sublimation thanks to Infinite-TechnologyTM. With two condenser and automated hygienic steam cleaning, the L-300 is independent from the lyophilized volume and allow endless capacity with less maintenance.