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Scaling up exothermic additions in the lab 15 Minute Webinar Adding liquids to a reaction mixture is integral to synthetic chemistry. Scaling up from ml to L will often require changes in how these additions need to be made.

From initiating a reaction, quenching, or adding antisolvent as part of a crystallisation, we need to consider consistent and reproducible dosing.

A chemist may face issues with containment, holding temperature of feed stock, viscosity, mass and how to control highly reactive material.

Other considerations might include: - manual handling - volumetric vs gravimetric - pressure equalisation - which pumps to use - tubing specifications - controlling and recording exotherms - controlling pH - scalable batch repeatability

In this short webinar Steve and Jenna discuss considerations for making controlled liquid additions, give a demo of AVA Lab Control Software, with a case study illustrating how laboratory control software can solve everyday lab problems, and how Radleys helps address the needs of a typical chemist.

The case study from a customer, demonstrates automated liquid additions to a batch process, with built in safety overrides to control reaction exotherms.

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Webinar speakers

Steve Bendefy

Steve joined Radleys in 2006 as International Territory Manager for the Americas, India and parts of Europe. He has a passion for chemistry and in particular helping solve the challenging technical issues that chemists face in the laboratory.

Dr Jenna Spencer-Briggs

Jenna Spencer Jenna has a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Sheffield. She joined Radleys after working at Cardiff University where she lectured and taught in the laboratories. In her role as Scientific Content Writer she uses her chemical knowledge to help explain the impact of our products.