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cocktailsBy adding science to the kitchen Buchi helps and award winning restaurant re imagine the culinary experience. 

ReDiscover Flavour

"We love using our Buchi Rotavapor® for re-distillations and reductions at 40 C, providing a wonderful freshness and clarity of flavour. Think horseradish vodka reminiscent of biting into the fresh, pungent root or a Port wine reduction that's never been truly heated, simply delicious. Frankly, an excellent, exciting and innovative bit of kit. Without the Rotavapor®, or the support of In Vitro, what we do on a daily basis would not be possible."

bar tenderDarren Leaney, Head Bartender
Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Melbourne

ReImagine the Culinary Experience

Be assured of quality in your hands when you utilise the Buchi ROTAVAPOR System to rediscover flavour in the kitchen. Develop new ingredients and flavour components when you can evaporate, concentrate and separate liquids that were once impossible. Your imagination is the limit.

Distillation without applying direct heat retains livelier flavours when its vibrance is not lost in the cooking process. As a result, you can capture highly volatile aromas and exotic flavours once thought impossible, isolating flavour compounds to be readily used in your recipes.