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We've partnered with Buchi to deliver you the very best Laboratory Rotary Evaporation Rotavaps solutions.

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BUCHI offers dedicated solutions for laboratory rotary evaporation, whether you operate in R&D or quality control. Based on our experience and knowledge we offer tailor-made solutions to cover a wide range of distinct needs, and achieve highest convenience.


Expert Advice

Is the selection of the right condenser important?

The selection of the right condenser is crucial to be able to perform the required application. Depending on the required condensation level a different cooling capacity needs to be chosen.

How do I determine the optimum evaporation conditions?

The easiest way for finding the right conditions is by applying the “delta 20 rule”:

  • Heating bath temperature should be 20 degrees higher than the boiling point of the solvent to be evaporated at the vacuum chosen
  • Cooling temperature should be at least 20 degrees lower than the boiling temperature of the solvent

A bath temperature of 50 °C is recommended for many applications.


  • 50 °C heating bath temperature
  • 30 °C boiling temperature (by adjusting the vacuum)
  • < 10 °C cooling temperature

There are many advantages of heating the bath to a maximum of 50 °C:

  • No risk of scalding when handling the evaporation flask
  • Lower evaporation of heating liquid (e.g. water)
  • Higher energy efficiency compared to other heating bath temperatures

Plastic GlasswareWhy should I buy plastic coated glassware?

The transparent plastic coating (P+G) improves the durability and stability of the glass. It also protects the operator from broken bits of glass as well as chemicals in case of glass breakage.

We often use 5 L evaporating flasks. Which heating bath size is recommended?

5 liter flasks are too big to be fully immersed into a Heating Bath B-491. Thus, the Heating Bath B-495 has a larger diameter that suits perfectly.

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Rotavapor® Dynamic Pro

You expect the most convenient operation and high reproducibility. With the “Rotavapor® Dynamic Pro” solution we offer full automation, method-based guided operation, data recording and realtime charting.

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Glass Oven All in One

You are looking for an economical and complete high-quality evaporation solution. The solution “Rotavapor® Essential” integrates a Rotavapor®, a regulated Vacuum Pump and a Recirculating Chiller to cover the main evaporation applications efficiently.

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Distillation, Sublimation or Drying

You need a solution for distillation, sublimation or drying of small sample volumes at high temperatures. The solution «Glass Oven All in One» covers the widest range of various applications.

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