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Laboratory & industrial furnaces up to 3000°C

CARBOLITE GERO is a leading manufacturer of high temperature furnaces and ovens from 30°C to 3000°C with a focus on vacuum and special atmosphere technology. With more than 100 years of experience in thermal engineering, our products are used in research laboratories, pilot plants, and manufacturing sites worldwide.

business area ovens

Max. temp. up to 750°C
Laboratory Ovens
Industrial Ovens
Clean Room Ovens
Atmosphere Controlled Ovens

business area chamber furnaces

Chamber Furnaces
Max. temp. up to 1800°C

Laboratory Furnaces
Industrial Furnaces
Ashing Furnaces
Annealing Furnaces

business area tube furnaces

Tube Furnaces
Max. temp. up to 1800°C

Universal Tube Furnaces
Split Tube Furnaces
Rotary Tube Furnaces

business area vacuum furnaces

Vacuum Furnaces
Max. temp. up to 3000°C 
inert and reactive gases
Vacuum Chamber Furnaces
Vacuum Hood Furnaces
Vacuum Bottom Loader
Vacuum Laboratory Furnaces
Vacuum Tube Furnaces

business area application specific furnaces

Special Applications

Asphalt Binder Analyzer

Carbon14-Tritium Furnaces
Coal & Coke Test Equipment
Crystal Growth Furnaces
Dental Furnaces
Metal Injection Moulding
Precious Metal Furnaces
Soldering Furnaces
Thermocouple Calibration

business area custom furnaces

Custom Designed
Adaptations of standard models & bespoke solutions

Customised Ovens
Customised Furnaces

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