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BUCHI offers dedicated extraction solutions for the classical determination of fat, as well as for residue and contaminant analysis in various matrices. We cover the whole range of automated extraction methods, from Soxhlet, to hot extraction and pressurised solvent extraction. Our solutions allow for perfect integration in the workflow, thus minimising manual steps.

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Extraction EconomicYou look for an automated and reliable way to determine the fat content in food and feed samples. We provide an economic and convenient continuous extraction solution with excellent reproducibility.

Extraction ReferenceYou look for an automated way to determine the total fat content in compliance with standardized methods. We provide a fully compliant, exhaustive extraction solution with excellent reproducibility according to Weibull-Stoldt, i.e. acid hydrolysis followed by Soxhlet extraction.

Extraction Quick FatYou look for an economical and fast way to determine crude fat in food and feed samples. We provide an automated hot extraction solution (Randall) that extracts 6 samples in less than 40 minutes.

Extraction UniversalYou need a most flexible automated solution that allows for applying various extraction techniques without changing the glass set-up. Our “Extraction Universal” solution copes with both highly demanding contaminant and residue determination as well as classical fat extraction at the push of a button

Extraction ThroughputYou need analytical results as fast as possible and you have to contend with high sample loads. We offer a combined solution for pressurized solvent extraction (PSE) with unprecedented speed and throughput for a wide variety of application fields.

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