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custom cells productMost researchers will find the products they require within our standard diffusion cell offerings. Occasionally an experiment requires non-standard features. At PermeGear, we understand the varying technical needs of researchers and are almost always able to customize our cells to your specifications.

Standard Franz Cells have a donor chamber open to the air, we can provide ground glass joints and matching stoppers of many varieties if you wish to occlude your Franz Cell donor chamber.  We can provide flow porting to both the donor and receptor chambers.  The donor chamber can be jacketed as well if needed.

Standard Side-Bi-Side Cells have one port on each side of the joint for filling and sampling the chambers.  We can add ports for performing iontophoresis experiments, studies using ultrasound probes, threaded fittings for accessories, etc..  Standard Side-Bi-Side Cells are supplied with equal volumes on each side of the joint, the volumes may be different if needed.  Don’t hesitate to ask if you feel you need something custom for your diffusion cell!