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BUCHI’s latest steam distillation units are extremely accurate, ensure the sustainable use of resources and offer maximal safety during operation. The instruments have been designed to fit your individual needs and to enable the highest performance in the most convenient way.

  • Adjustable Steam Power:10 - 100 %, programmable steam ramps
  • MaxAccuracy Mode:Yes
  • Sample Parameters:Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen, Total Volatile Basic Nitrogen, nitrate, nitrite

Contain your ongoing Service Costs
Trade in your existing old Kjeldahl Instrument and get up to 15% OFF the price of your new Kjel Line Instrument.*

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* Offer ends 15 December 2022. Subject to system configuration.


Kjel Line Brochure Cover

Kjel Line Digestion Distillation Solutions Brochure Cover

Download the Kjel Line Steam Distillation brochure

 Download the Digestion & Distillation Solutions brochure

Experience Highest Convenience & Safety

  • Convenience SafetyInnovative sensor technology that minimizes exposure of the user to chemicals
  • Intuitive touch screen for easy process handling
  • Upgradeable on demand to automate your analysis in the most convenient way


Maximize accuracy & performance

  • accuracy performanceAutomatic recognition of distillation start for perfect reproducibility
  • Distillation endpoint is recognized automatically for highest accuracy
  • Automated titration with connected titrators for minimum user interaction


Save Resources & Time

  • Save Resources TimeOptimized alkalization step for saving up to 30 % of reagent
  • Intelligent cooling water control for lower water consumption
  • No preheating required resulting in higher time-efficiency
  • Automated distillation & titration enables unattended operation