Generate larger particles in laboratory scale spray drying. The Ultrasonic Package allows an easier handling of your product and increases its flowability. View more
Maximize your particle size

Improved powder handling

  • Large particles (10 – 60 μm)
  • Better flowability of the powder for improved handling
  • Easy scale up process due to particle size close to industrial scale
  • Better distribution of active materials within powder

Highly performant

  • Narrow particle shape and size distribution
  • Saving valuable material (> 5 ml) thanks to small sample amount
  • Reproducible powder production
  • High yields (up to 70 %)
  • Shorter time to optimize formulations

Easy operation

  • Easy upgrade of the Mini Spray Dryer B-290
  • Intuitive handling
  • Fast setup and short cleaning times
  • Visible process due to glass assembly

P: 1300 552 003